The Veayo Twins

A unique sound that combines pop, straight-ahead rock, gutty R&B and some country



The Veayo Twins – Bio

You grow up fast in the music world. Having a twin sister along for the ride has the obvious benefit of keeping you grounded, but there are other perks, too: “We’re always in time,” Katherine and Kristen Veayo say, in lock-step. 

“I’ll slow down by mistake,” Kristen laughs, “and Katherine is right there with me.”

Maybe it’s supposed to be the other way around – Katherine, as drummer, is charged with keeping time – but sometimes you just have to follow wherever it is the songwriter is going. 

At 19, the sisters are well on their way as one of the rising stars in New England's jam-packed musical landscape. They were nominated for "Best in State" by The New England Music Awards for 2 consecutive years. The Veayo Twins Trio band often performs at family friendly festivals and special summer events. The teen trio includes Carter Isaac, 17, who has written music with Jim Mayer of the Jimmy Buffet band. All 3 teens sing lead parts and offer up excellent harmonies appealing to all ages!

Unlike many young performers in today’s music scene, the Veayo Twins didn’t cut their teeth with songs written for them. Kristen has been the artistic guiding force from the beginning, and both her songwriting and full-bodied delivery suggest an old soul.  She has already crafted an album that combines pop, straight-ahead rock, gutty R&B and a little country with a message; An inspirational message targeting the pain and alienation that teens can face in today's culture, including bullying and other traumatic experiences.  With speech issues, both girls know far too well what hurtful words can do, but music magically takes their stutter away.

The two are involved in important work, producing & performing at Bullying Awareness events including appearing in schools. 

Their personal story is told in the award winning documentary film called “Bullied to Silence”, discussing self-harm, a 7 week hospitalization, and finally changing schools after years of being bullied.

“Kids come up to us in tears after shows sometimes,” Katherine says, “and we know how they feel and wish other kids didn’t have to feel that way.”

Still, the Veayos don’t get ahead of themselves. There’s more songs to write.  But there’s time for all that. In the meantime, they’re excited to build on thrills like rocking out the Jonas Brothers Softball Challenge in New Britain, CT, or opening for Grammy winners Emerson Drive, and rocking at New York City’s historic Webster Hall. Heck, they even got to play the Hard Rock Cafe in the Bahamas!